The R a n t i n g W a c k o Proudly Presents...

W e i r d ASS Links

If I can get serious and sane for a moment...

Here's a collection of web sites that are either places I've worked on, places I go frequently, or just stuff I like.

Politics and Activism

Bartcop-The Political Humor of Terry Coppage If you're sick of Dittoheads, The Religious Wrong, and anyone who can say "Regan was our best president" with a straight face, Terry Coppage is here to make you think and make you laugh.

Dog Eat Dog Films The Official Webpage for Michael Moore (maker of "Roger and Me" and "The Big One") and his film making company. Part political activism site and part ironic/dark humor site, a must see for anyone who has an interest in corporate crimes and/or satire.

Join The War on Right Wing Ignorance! Index of useful links for combating willful igonrance, conspiracies and misinformation campaigns such as the denial of the Holocaust's existance and the idea that Hitler was a left-wing fanatic.

Libralism Resurgent The webpage of Steve Kangas, a well known liberal activist who was mysteriously found dead in a building owned by a well-known rich conservative. This site is still maintained in his honor and is the best archive of liberal thought I've ever come across.

Mike's Political Punches Homepage of the Political strips done by that guy who draws Mother Goose and Grimm.

Peacefire An organization dedicated to exposing the truth about various Internet blocking programs and a news site for information on efforts to restrict the 1st Ammendment rights of young people.

The Rush Limbaugh Award for Conservative Hypocrisy My Political Website, founded to commiterate the infamous attempt to Impeach Clinton and remind people that very often, those who preach the cause of morality often exclude thesmselves from the codes they wish to hold everyone else to.

Salon Magazine Best magazine for people of the left-mind out there.

MST3K & Bad Movies A tribute/review site for the worst of the worst of bad cinema.

The Editing Room Wonderful Site filled with short humorous summaries of recent movies still in the theatre. Cheaper than actually seeing the movies, and often times more entertaining.

It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Movie A site full of reviews written by bad movie fans for bad movie fans. Perfect place to come if you are one, like me, who seeks the horrible and badly made movie for ammusement.

MST3K Caption This! A fun little game where you (and whoever else is on) make sarcastic comments about pictures of whatever is on the Sci-Fi channel at the moment. Basically Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Home Game

Satelitte News The Official news site for MST3K before the Sci-Fi Channel went insane and canceled it. It still is updated, carrying news about the various projects of the guys who made MST3K since they got dumped.

Humorous/Very Odd Things

Bert Is EvilThis place hardly needs the attention. They won a Webby for some reason or another. A useful site if you like to laugh or if you are just want proof that there is someone even more troubled than you.

Fade To BlackWell, obviously I wouldn't make a link to a site I'm boycotting. But then again, I very rarely do the obvious thing. I could just be being ironic. Or this could be my own little joke. I guess you'll just have to go there and find out.

Hampster Dance!Gott in Himmel, one must wonder what acts inspired this place. Come here at your own risk, for I fear this site a glimpse of the foul netherrealms that await us upon death. Or not.

News Askew and View Askew Respectively, the offical news site of Kevin Smith and the official website of Kevin Smith's movie company. He's that guy who made Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Mallrats.

The Official Dilbert Website Contains games, a comics archive, stock tips from the characters, a computer store, merchandise, news on the new books and the offical site of the DNRC (Dogbert's New Ruling Class).

KITHFAN.ORG A cool site, even if I wasn't helping out there. Filled to the brim with Kids In The Hall Skits and filling with even more as we speak.

The Quoted Sam and Max The wit and wisdom of the world's greatest pairing of a psychotic bunny rabbit and a six-foot, talking dog in a suit.

A South Park Information Center The More Or Less Official South Park News Site. Part of the BEEF-CAKE! Family, it also links to a page full of South Park movies, sounds, pictures, and games.

Voice Chasers A nice page dedicated to the people who do the voices in those cartoons you love so much.

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